The End of Diabetes

“The cure for type 2 diabetes is already known – removing the cause can reverse the disease.” – Dr Joel Fuhrman

So what causes type 2 diabetes? It’s the direct result of lifestyle choices. Which is great news!!

Why great news? If diabetes is the direct result of lifestyle, we can do something about it. We can take action. How empowering!

In his book, Dr. Joel Fuhrman outlines “The eat to live plan to prevent and reverse diabetes.” You heard right – reverse. It says it right there on the front of the book. Diabetics on medication have been able to get off of or reduce medications and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

How does this happen? Dramatic lifestyle changes.

Dr. Fuhrman recommends a diet rich is nutrient-dense foods: veggies, legumes, whole grains, fruit, nuts and seeds. The BEST foods for putting an end to diabetes:

  • raw & cooked greens
  • mushrooms
  • eggplant
  • onions
  • tomatoes
  • cauliflower
  • beans
  • nuts & seeds
  • low-sugar fruit such as berries, kiwi, oranges, pomegranates, green apples

Another diabetes prevention superstar: BEANS! Dr. Fuhrman recommends making these your primary starch source. They promote great digestion and make us feel full, leading to weight loss without hunger. Not to mention, they’re full of quality protein and are anti-cancer. Our favorite ways to incorporate this superstar: Spicy Black Bean Patties, White Bean Baked Burritos, Black Bean Hummus, Red Ben & Lentil Tacos, Teriyaki Beans & Green, Dill-liciouos Split Pea Soup, Tempeh Taco Meat, Mesquite Black Bean Burgers, Herbs & Spices Tempeh Chili and Pumpkin White Bean Patties.

This book is available on Amazon: The End of Diabetes  (note this is an affiliate link)



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