The Scientific Meal Planner

We have some exciting news that we’ve been antsy to share with you all!

I’d like to introduce (drum roll please…) the Scientific Meal Planner! (*Affiliate link) The Scientific Meal Planner is a powerful tool that allows YOU to create whole food, plant-based meal plans that largely align with the Daily Dozen. Bonus – these meal plans include many of our recipes!



Quick back story.. Dr. Greger, the author of one of our favorite books How Not To Die, created a checklist called the Daily Dozen. It’s a list that includes all the foods you should ideally fit into your diet everyday for optimal health and longevity. All foods on the list are nutrient-dense, unprocessed plant foods. By including them in your daily diet you naturally consume loads of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber without the need to meticulously track specific nutrients. If you want to learn more about the Daily Dozen, click HERE.

What the Scientific Meal Planner allows you to do is create your own meal plans that include only whole food, plant-based ingredients. The meal planner tells you if your meal plan meets the Daily Dozen list (or exactly where is falls short). It also allows you to make recipe swaps if you don’t like a recipe, don’t have the kitchen equipment for a recipe (i.e. food processor, instant pot, etc.), are allergic to an ingredient, etc. The best part — when you get tired of that meal plan, you can create another one!


Some quick info about the meal planner:

  • $8.99 per month
    • Or a yearly subscription for $59.88 (comes out to $4.99/month)
  • Ability to create unlimited meal plans
  • You control calorie targets for your meal plans
  • Access to full nutrient breakdown for all recipes
  • Unlimited recipe swaps
  • Automatically generates shopping list for meal plans
  • Optional text reminders to help you stay on track
  • A powerful tool with convenience and control
  • There is 14 day free trial – cancel at anytime. You will get an email halfway through the free trial to ask if you’d like to cancel or not.


The meal planner allows you to choose between two different meal plan styles. First, batch cooking (called Minimalist Meal Plan) is where you cook everything one day and eat those recipes throughout the week. Second, Daily Cook Meal Plan, is where you cook a new recipe each night and eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. These options allow you to create a meal plan that will realistically fit into your life.


So, why are we so excited about this tool?

Most dietitians cringe when someone asks us if we’ll create a meal plan for them. It’s a huge amount of work when you consider everything required (nutrient and caloric calculations, food preferences, cooking ability, etc.) and people usually get tired of following it two or three weeks in so they stop. Also, having a dietitian create a meal plan is going to cost quite a bit — around $75 per weekly meal plan is common. So, it’s expensive, a ton of work for the creator, and the user usually gets tired of it after a couple weeks.

With all that said.. many people would genuinely like and benefit from a plant-based meal plan — a meal plan can provide structure and planning and, if followed, can be hugely beneficial for health and longevity. The Scientific Meal Planner essentially fixes all of these problems… 1. You create the meal plan and you know your own preferences, cooking abilities, etc.. 2. It automatically calculates the calorie and nutrient makeup of the recipes – hallelujah! 3. You can create a new meal plan each week so the meals and snacks never get boring. 4. It’s so much more affordable than paying 75 bucks every time you get bored of the food on your plan and want a change.


Partnering Up

Over the last couple years we’ve had many brands approach us to partner up with them to promote their products/services. The large majority of the time, we don’t feel the products/services they offer would benefit our audience. Often food companies create products by processing valuable nutrients out of already nutritious whole foods. But, we’re excited to promote the Scientific Meal Planner because there’s no downside, nutritionally speaking. It’s a tool that can only help in making healthy eating more approachable and doable for many people. We give a lot of thought and consideration when deciding whether to put our stamp of approval on a brand or company and this one was an easy choice.

If you think it could benefit you, give the free trial a try. If you decide to subscribe, we would like to extend a huge thank you to you as you are supporting Wholly Plants and The Scientific Meal Planner as we work to make it as easy as possible to eat healthy! 



*We are a partner of The Scientific Meal Planner, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by subscription to the meal planner services. We use the Scientific Meal Planner tool and recommend it because we believe it is a great tool for you. 

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