Food Choices

Food Choices is an hour and a half long documentary that leads you through topics such as the impact that food choices have on our health, on the planet, and on other species. It addresses many misconceptions and myths surrounding food and offers different perspectives. The film addresses topics including supplements (vitamins), organic vs inorganic, the environmental impact of the meat industry, the psychology relating to food and meat consumption, and the sustainability of food production.

A valuable point this film makes is how society is poorly advised when it comes to nutrition and we are vulnerable to misinformation that food companies feed us with the agenda to sell their products. We have to navigate carefully planned food placement, health slogans with empty promises, and catchy food packaging, which are all interfering with and cluttering our relationship with food. This is very confusing and makes making healthy food decisions nearly impossible! – And our health is suffering because of it. Pursuing a whole food, plant-based diet is a fool-proof way to avoid those unhealthy food traps.

Many documentary films play to the dramatics, which is both fortunate and unfortunate. This is fortunate because it keeps the viewer engaged and gets the viewer fired up to make changes. Its unfortunate that us viewers need the dramatics to stay engaged and get fired up when sometimes playing to the dramatics negatively impacts the credibility of the film. Make sure when watching documentaries to keep an unbiased mindset and critically evaluate the credibility of claims being made. This documentary, like most, does have a dramatic flair. Although, we can confidently accept that the information it provides is credible as the film’s speakers are experts in their field and are some of the most credible sources on this topic. Many of the speakers in the film wrote books that we recommend in our resources section.

Dr. Collin Campbell wrote the China study.

Dr. John McDougall wrote The Starch Solution.

Dr. Michael Greger wrote How Not To Die.

This is an informative documentary with a great lineup of highly esteemed researchers.

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