The Starch Solution

While many experts in the field of plant-based nutrition push fruits and veggies, Dr. McDougall focuses on starches. Not eating animal products seems less daunting to many people when you can continue eating pizza, pasta, bread, corn, potatoes, rice and oats. The Starch Solution discusses how throughout human history we have thrived on starch-centered diets. Whether it be the corn in North, Central and South America, the rice in Asia or Millet in Africa, starches have consistently been part of the equation.

While still promoting a plant-based diet, Dr. McDougall recommends focusing on starches at every meal and then adding color and flavor with non-starchy veggies and fruit. The book is filled with recipes created by Dr. McDougall’s wife Mary. She is known for being an expert when it comes to creating delicious plant-based, starch-centered dishes.

The cost comparison of eating plants vs. animals isn’t stressed enough. Dr. McDougall gives the cost per 2,500 calories of multiple animal-based foods: Cheddar cheese: $15.48, salmon: $30.60, milk: $10.37, chicken breast: $13.72, MdDonald’s Chicken Sandwich: $20.77, Taco Bell taco: $14.56. Compare that to: white potatoes: $1.75, pinto beans: $1.05, brown rice: $1.52, oats: $1.09. Same amount of calories, significantly more nutrients, lots of savings. This makes the excuse that eating healthy is expensive laughable.

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