4 Tips to Navigate the 4th

Before putting on your star-spangled gear, check out these holiday tips.


1 – BYOP: Bring Your Own Plants. Whether you’re heading to a BBQ or fireworks show, don’t show up empty handed. The typical eats at these events aren’t plant-based or healthy. Being prepared makes it easy to stay on track.

Pre-made Hobo Packs can easily be thrown on the grill and will keep you satisfied through the grand finale. A big bowl of fruit offers a simple, sweet and refreshing treat for snacking.


Grilled Cajun Veggie Hobo Packs


2 – Enjoy Familiar Foods. If your family is used to the traditional 4th of July fare – burgers, hot-dogs, potato salad – use these as your inspiration. Lentil Patties and Portobello Burgers resemble your standard meat patty yet are leaps and bounds healthier. Another bonus: they can be topped with the typical burger fixings.


Garlic Balsamic Portobello Burgers


3 – Be the Star of the Show! Is there a plant-based dip or dessert that your family loves? Maybe a treat that you always make when picky eaters are around? Get-togethers are a great opportunity to show friends and family that eating plant-based can be delicious. This Vegan Queso has proven to be a fail-safe way to introduce others to the world of plant-based eating.


Vegan Queso


4 – Appreciate our Freedom. It may be tempting to share the life-changing benefits you’ve experienced by giving up animal products. However, if fellow party-goers are chowing down cheeseburgers it may not be the best time to preach about the benefits of plant-based eating. In these moments it can be helpful to remember that everyone is free to choose what they fuel their body with. Witnessing how great you look and feel, and tasting your flavorful plant-based dishes often leads others to make changes on their own.


Share with us: What dish will you be making for the 4th?

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