12 Recipes to Support Your Immune Health

We hope you all are healthy and taking time to enjoy what may be a slower way of life than you’re used to. Around here, we’re doing puzzles, reading, taking walks and sleeping in. How are you spending your time??

With limited grocery store trips and time around others, there’s a slow-down of recipe development here at Wholly Plants. However – we’re still thinking about you, our readers! We want to support you in keeping your immune system healthy and strong. ???

We discussed this important topic in our recent post Hot Topic: Eating for Immune Health. The key takeaway: what we choose to put in our mouths every day plays a significant role when it comes to preventing and fighting off illness. The research clearly points towards filling our plates with whole, unprocessed foods from plants.

Let’s translate this to real food. Here’s 12 of our favorite recipes filled with immune-boosting foods. You can bet that this is what’s being made in our kitchens to keep the immune system strong!


12 Recipes to Support Your Immune Health




DAILY DOZEN SMOOTHIE – Check off multiple items on Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen list with just one simple recipe. Filled with berries, nut butter, flax, leafy greens and turmeric.

GRAPEFRUIT PINEAPPLE SMOOTHIE – Citrus, ginger and leafy greens make this a nutrient-dense smoothie an obvious choice for priming the immune system.

TURMERIC SMOOTHIE – A great way to add turmeric to your day, a strong anti-inflammatory spice. While it packs a punch nutritionally, you won’t even taste it because of the the sweetness from the fruit.


Recipes to build your immune health



HEARTY PUMPKIN CHILI – A warm, filling dish filled with veggies. Simply combine ingredients, let simmer and enjoy!

1-POT, 2-STEP, 3 BEAN SOUP – Another dish filled with veggies and beans and perfect for delivering tons of nutrients. Two-steps means easy-peasy!

ONE-POT LENTIL CURRY – Filled with anti-inflammatory spices, this soup is perfect for soothing a sore throat.

KALE SALAD WITH BLUEBERRY BALSAMIC DRESSING – Raw and cooked veggies can vary when it come to their nutrient composition. For that reason, it’s good to get a mix of both. This simple salad is packed with nutrient-dense fresh veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds!

RAINBOW FRUIT & GREENS SALAD – A mix of fruits and veggies topped with beans and nuts makes this salad a full-on meal!

MADE-IN-MINUTE VEGGIE HUMMUS WRAP – Needing a nutrient-dense recipe that can be made in minutes? This veggie-filled wrap takes no time at all and can be customized by adding your favorite hummus!


Recipes to build your immune health


Sides & Snacks

BEAUTIFUL BEET HUMMUS – This one is a win-win. Beets are packed with nutrients on their own AND hummus is a great way to get yourself (or others) to eat more veggies.

LEMON TURMERIC ENERGY BALLS – Once again, a delivery system for the powerful spice turmeric. Keep these in the refrigerator or freezer for a quick and satisfying treat.

BLUEBERRY CINNAMON NICE CREAM – Needing a tasty treat? Or something cold to soothe the throat? Here’s your winner! This big batch is great for sharing, or simply store in the freezer to enjoy for multiple days.



There you have it – 12 whole food, plant-based, delicious recipes to support your immune system! Make sure to take a photo of your creations and tag us on social media @whollyplantsblog!

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