Our Favorite Whole Food Plant Based Resources

It’s exciting to see the influx of whole food plant based resources – books, movies, podcasts, blogs. It’s clearly a popular topic and there’s no shortage of information. Below are a handful of the on-line resources available. Consider finding your favorite and subscribing to their newsletter for on-going updates.

Forks Over Knives – Possibly the most robust and user-friendly whole food plant based website, Forks Over Knives offers articles, recipes and a meal planning tool. It’s easy to navigate and understand and many experts in the field regularly contribute content. There’s also a Forks Over Knives app.

Dr. Esselstyn’s Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease Program – This is a great resource if you’re specifically interested in heart disease. The FAQ section is very thorough and likely answers any questions you might have. The articles and news sections are also worth checking out.

T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies – Dr. Campbell is largely known for his book The China Study. He has been promoting a whole food plant based diet for decades and his work has a strong focus on cancer. This website has hundreds of articles, recipes and access to a newsletter.

Dr. McDougall’s Health & Medical Center – Check out the famous (and free) McDougall picture book from The Starch Solution. There’s a vast amount of information in multiple forms – videos, articles, webinars, success stories and recipes. Sign up for the monthly newsletter or check out the free McDougall program for getting started – or staying on track – with plant-based eating.

NutritionFacts.org – Founded by Dr. Greger, author of How Not to Die, this website has thousands of videos and houses Dr. Greger’s podcasts. The website does a great job of translating the latest research into simple messages and practical strategies. You can subscribe to a newsletter to receive on-going updates.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – The PCRM is a group of thousands of doctors who have joined together to promote preventative medicine. They promote plant based eating and their website offers free education, tips for changing your diet, recipes and a starter-kit. Most of this can be found under the Health and Nutrition section.

National Health Association – An organization that promotes plant based eating, this website offers articles, news and recipes from plant based chefs.

Fat Free Vegan – The recipes on this site have been submitted by members leading to a diverse selection. All recipes are screened before being posted; all are plant based and don’t include added fat.

No Meat Athlete – If you’re an athlete wondering if you can perform without meat, this is the resource for you (though there’s plenty of information for non-athletes too!) You’ll find recipes, resources and a link to the No Meat Athlete podcast that discusses both plant based eating and endurance running.

Happy Cow – When looking for a nearby restaurant with plant-based options, Happy Cow is your go-to resource. You can search by locations and will find reviews and recommendations. Under the Veg Topics heading you’ll find articles, travel tips and other helpful information.

Happy Herbivore – Lindsay Nixon has published multiple whole food plant based books and has no shortage of recipes and tips. Her website has links to her blog as well as her podcast.

Plant Based Dietitian – Fellow Dietitian, Julieanna Hever, offers nutrition tips, recipes and other plant-based resources on her blog.

Veg Source – This website stays up to date with the plant based world. Find articles and videos from numerous contributors and subscribe to their newsletter for updates.

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