Peanut Butter

Whoever first thought of grinding up peanuts to make peanut butter is a culinary genius! Unfortunately, we couldn’t just appreciate a good thing, we had to go and add sugar, molasses, hydrogenated oils, emulsifiers, and some other unpronounceable add-ins. The common bad guys when it comes to peanut butter are Jiff, Skippy, Peter Pan, and on and on..


Good Options

There are a few good options available where you can avoid all the crazy ingredients. Smuckers natural peanut butter contains just peanuts and a tad bit of salt. Kroger brand also has a natural peanut butter with only peanuts and salt — and it’s cheap! ($1.79 here)

There are a few other options out there and all it takes to figure out the good from the bad is looking at the ingredients list right below the nutrition facts label. The good stuff should only have peanuts and sometimes a little salt. If the list has anything other than peanuts and salt then put it back on the shelf and keep looking!


Peanut Butter


Many grocery stores also have a nut butter grinder where you can get all natural peanut-only peanut butter and have fun doing it! Just make sure the only thing in the grinder is peanuts. This also goes for all nuts butters whether its almond butter, cashew butter, or sunflower seed butter. Always choose the options with the least ingredients!


Peanut Butter



Don’t blindly grab a jar of nut butter that has the word “natural” on the front and assume its the best choice. Those also usually have all those unwanted ingredients even though they say “natural”… false advertising right?!

Take the time to look at the ingredients list on back so you don’t fall into that trap!


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