Chris Beat Cancer

At just 26 years old Chris Wark was diagnosed with colon cancer. After surgical removal of his tumor doctors recommended 9-12 months of chemotherapy. Without any formal nutrition or health education, Chris was skeptical that chemo was the right choice. A more logical solution to him was to heal his body by nourishing it rather than poisoning it.

Cover of Christ Beat CancerAfter extensive research and lifestyle changes, his hunch paid off. It has been 15 years since Chris’s cancer diagnosis when he was told he had a 60% chance of living for just five years if he underwent chemotherapy.

Throughout his book Chris lays out the research he has collected over the past 15 years. He explains statistics and long-term success rates of the traditional methods of treating cancer, chemo and radiation. He explains how these success rates have changed over time, in most cases not improving, even though new treatments are continuously developed.

Chris explains the business side of the cancer industry.

Chris discusses how mindset and outlook, lifestyle choices, and the environment affect cancer and its treatment.

He includes his findings about how the chemicals in pollutants, beauty products, cleaning products, water and pesticides contribute to cancer development.

Chris also goes in depth about how nutrition fights cancer and specifically discusses top cancer-fighting vegetables, spices, and teas. He explains the diet and lifestyle changes he made when he was nourishing his body to beat cancer.

Although Chris Wark has no nutrition or medical training, he has sorted through a huge amount of research, which is apparent by the pages of references he lists at the end of his book. Chris’ experience of defeating his cancer through lifestyle is anecdotal, although his recommendations do largely align with the recommendations of many nutrition professionals and doctors at the forefront of the nutrition field (i.e. Dr. Campbell, Dr Esselstyn, Dr. Greger, Dr. Fuhrman). This book shines light on an area of cancer prevention and treatment that is often overlooked. It also offers real-life and practical strategies from someone who has walked-the-walk.

Above all, this book brings attention to the importance of good nutrition alongside conventional cancer treatments. It inspires healthier living and smarter lifestyle choices that are beneficial whether cancer is a part of your current life or you are simply working towards a healthier you.

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