Summer Smoothie Series


We love doing Recipe Roundups like this one because they give us the opportunity to peruse other food blogs. Seeing what creative recipes and ingredient combinations other foodies are thinking up often gives us inspiration and gets us excited to test out our own crazy ideas.

All of the food bloggers included in our recipe roundups are fellow Registered Dietitians. RDs are the food and nutrition experts (not-so-humble brag), therefore when pointing our readers to other food blogs we, of course, intend to send them to the most credible sources.

Below are 8 knockout smoothie recipes that are yes, delicious, but also loaded with health-promoting nutrients! The first clue of this being their bright colors (bright colors = lots of phytonutrients). Click the titles or photos below for the recipes.

Summertime seems like the ideal season to enjoy these cold beverages, although limiting your smoothie enjoyment to just one season seems like cruel and unusual punishment. I, for one, will be enjoying these smoothies indefinitely because A. Yum! and B. Health!



Plant-Powered Purple Superfood Smoothie
from Fork in the RoadPlant-Powered Purple Superfood Smoothie



Turmeric Mango Smoothie
from Rachael Hartley NutritionTurmeric Mango Smoothie



Green Pea Smoothie with Mint
from It’s a Veg World After AllGreen Pea Smoothie with Mint



Daily Dozen Smoothie
from Wholly PlantsDaily Dozen Smoothie



Wild Blueberry Beet Smoothie
from Grateful Grazerwild blueberry beet smoothie



Vegan Green Apple Pie Protein Shake (No Powder)
from Lettuce Veg OutVegan Green Apple Pie Protein Shake



Mango Raspberry Smoothie (Dairy Free)
from Dairy Free for BabyLayered Mango Raspberry Smoothie



Grapefruit Pineapple Smoothie
from Wholly Plants
Grapefruit Pineapple Smoothie


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Plant-Based Summer Smoothie Series

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