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We shared our take on Splendid Spoon after trying out these whole-food, plant-based meals that are delivered right to your door. We found their bowls and smoothies to be yummy, convenient and nutritious! The bowls are as simple as heating & eating.

Splendid spoon has now come up with a new Rest Program, featuring light (and tasty) soups! Of course, all plant-based. ?????

We had to try them out, and here’s what we thought..


We warmed the first soup – Butternut Turmeric Squash – up in the microwave. Lots of flavor and very creamy  – YUM!  My husband served his over a bowl of cooked whole grains to make it more filling. We enjoyed all of the bowls, though my favorite was Garden Minestrone. Our 18 month old LOVED the Cauliflower Potato Chowder.

Overall, very tasty! Especially considering that they come right to your door and require almost no effort. ??


These soups are meant to be light. You’ll get anywhere from 180-160 calories, if you eat the ENTIRE container. The label says there’s two servings in each, but I can imagine that many people eat the whole thing by themselves in 1 sitting.

Though light, they are fairly nutrient-dense, given you’re eating mostly veggies. They’re certainly plant-based with mostly minimally processed ingredients (there is a little oil.). The program advises eating only the soups for a day as a “reset”, but you can also incorporate these throughout the week. This is the route we took.

If you wanted to quickly give these bowls a boost, you could always add some canned or cooked beans and serve over a cooked whole grain. This would certainly make them more filling, while still being convenient.

A plus that holds true for all Splendid Spoon products is the variety of herbs and spices. These add both flavor and nutrients! ?


While all Splendid Spoon products that we’ve tried are tasty, these soups offer a light option. Like we shared previously, if you’re looking for a super convenient way to eat tasty meals filled with whole foods from plants, Splendid Spoon may be worth trying out. For those wanting an alternative to cooking at home or a replacement for eating out, we recommend giving it a go.


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