Forks Over Knives

51c9mECmAMLForks Over Knives is a documentary about the journey two researchers took to unveil the negative effects consumption of animal products have on our health. The researchers both grew up, like most of us, immersed in the ideology that animal products (meat, dairy, eggs) are crucial components of our diet. There is no other way to obtain enough protein in your diet…or so they thought. Through their research, they both discovered that consumption of animal products is not only unnecessary, but often results in major health problems. They also found that getting enough protein without consuming animal products is very realistic, and very easy.

It seems like the most popular topic in nutrition right now is protein. Are you getting enough? How many grams of protein do you eat in a day? What percentage of your calories come from protein? Protein protein protein! Yet with all this concern about protein, how many people eating a normal amount of calories are protein deficient?… I don’t know of any… We would be a much healthier society if we were more concerned with our intake of fruits, veggies, nuts, legumes, whole-grains, etc. rather than if we were getting enough protein. And with this change in mindset, consumption of plant-based foods would increase and consumption of animal products would decrease.

Forks Over Knives is an awesome documentary because it takes complicated research and presents it in an easy to understand fashion. Most health and nutrition documentaries play to the dramatics to get a point across. Forks Over Knives informs without the drama, which for me was a breath of fresh air.

Check Forks Over Knives out on Netflix! Their website also has many awesome resources.

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