Foods that Fight Pain

Fascinating research demonstrates that what we eat can actually promote or prevent pain. Dr. Neal Barnard, also  author of Power Foods for the Brain and The Cheese Trap, dives into this topic in his book Foods that Fight Pain. He addresses all kinds of common pain: back pain, migraines, joint pain, stomachaches, fibromyalgia, chest pain, menstrual pain, kidney stones, cancer-related pain and more.

Two main themes are carried throughout the book.

  1. Choose pain-safe foods. There’s foods that are more likely to cause pain (some of the most common being sugar, dairy and eggs). Eliminate these and opt for pain-safe foods.
  2. Add soothing foods. Foods that improve blood flow allow needed nutrients to get to your tissues and organs. Some foods can decrease inflammation and others balance hormones.

A common message is that low blood supply decreases healing. Inhibited healing equals more pain. The body is in constant need of healing from daily wear and tear. By eating foods that allow our arteries to open up, we get nutrients and oxygen to organs and tissue, resulting in enhanced healing and decreased pain. 

To open the arteries, Dr. Barnard recommends a diet centered around:

  • whole grains: rice, oats, pasta, bread
  • legumes: beans, peas, lentils
  • veggies & fruit: a variety and unprocessed

Dr. Barnard discusses other important topics: exercise and sleep. Combine adequate exercise and sleep with a pain safe diet and you’ve got a pain fighting equation!

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