The Vegan Starter Kit

The Vegan Starter Kit, by Dr. Neal Barnard, is perfect for those who just want the quick and dirty without the hours and hours of reading. With only 100 pages of reading (with some recipes and recommended resources at the end), you can finish this book in 40 minutes tops.

The book includes everything you need to know about plant-based eating. Don’t let the “vegan” title fool you – it’s all about eating for health. You won’t find any recommendations for Oreos in these pages, just nutrient-dense, whole plant foods. Dr. Barnard gives the quick low down on the health advantages of eating unprocessed plants along with practical “how to’s”. He doesn’t over-complicate things, just gives you the tools to realistically make it happen.

A few topics he covers throughout the book: how to get started, how to manage without cooking skills, breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas, how to get all the important nutrients (protein, Vitmain B12, Vitamin D, etc.), eating plant-based during pregnancy, breastfeeding, infancy, and adolescence, convenience foods, how to eat plant-based at work, at restaurants, at parties, and when traveling, how to explain your dietary choices to your health professionals, and (my favorite) nutrition myths.

The Vegan Start Kit is one of the most practical books when it comes to healthy eating and for just $12 and 40 minutes of your time, there’s not really a downside to giving it a read.

You can order The Vegan Starter Kit on Amazon here. (*Note this is an affiliate link)



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