Plant-Strong by Rip Esselstyn offers 36 quick-read sections that address hot topics about eating plants. These are easy to understand and touch on the most popular questions that come up in the plant-based world. It’s obvious that Rip has discussed these topics on more than one occasion!

Wondering where plant-based eaters get their protein? Worried about having strong bones? Curious why a plant-based diet can give athletes a competitive edge? Questioning how a plant-based diet can save you money? Wanting an explanation about why carbs are a must? These are just a few of the topics covered in Plant-Strong.

Rip points out that “Americans have become so accustomed to chronic illness that we simply assume that conditions such as heart disease or stroke are like wrinkles – bound to happen eventually and a natural part of the aging process.” We aren’t destined to this fate! Plant-Strong offers tons of reasons why this simply isn’t the case. Rip calls for a change in the way that we view our well-being.

Just like in his book The Engine 2 Diet, Rip recommends a whole-food, plant-based diet. He encourages plant-eaters to keep it simple as well as enjoy large portions to the point of satisfaction.

The second half of the book is full of whole-food, plant-based recipes. You can tell these were created by folks with big appetites. Each recipe is filling and full of flavor. Usually if a recipe says “serves 4,” it only serves 2 in our house. Be warned: the Plant-Strong recipes hold true to their serving sizes!

You can find Plant-Strong on Amazon.

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