Key Lime Pie Pistachio Balls

Key Lime Pie Pistachio Bites - Vegan - Plant-BasedPistachios are the perfect snack because you get to crack them open as you go so you can’t eat them too quickly & overindulge! Although, overindulging a little bit probably wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.. Pistachios have tons of health benefits like reducing the bad LDL cholesterol and increasing the good HDL cholesterol. They have lots of antioxidants like Vitamins A and E, which target those harmful free-radicals in our bodies and neutralize them. They also have antioxidants that protect your eyes from free-radical damage. On top of all that the vitamins in them help protect our skin from UV damage and keep us looking younger longer!

This recipe is a tasty way to reap those awesome benefits. One of only three ingredients in this recipe is pistachios, so you know you are getting a good amount in every serving. We recommend sticking to the unsalted, shelled pistachios for your regular snacking enjoyment. Save this dessert-like snack for gatherings and when you get a hankering for something sweet!



Key Lime Pie Pistachio Bites - Vegan - Plant-Based

Key Lime Pie Pistachio Balls

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Servings: 20 balls


  • 2 cup pistachios shelled
  • 1 cup dates pitted
  • 6 key limes Zested & Juiced


  • Place 1 1/2 cups of pistachios and all of dates into a food processor.
    Process until combined.
  • Add lime zest and juice to the food processor and process until well combined. 
  • Chop up remaining 1/2 cup of pistachios, which will be used as coating. 
  • Remove well combined mixture from food processor. Use a cookie scoop for consistency of size. Form 20 balls with your hands. 
  • Roll balls into chopped pistachios to coat them. 
  • Store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator or in freezer if past 1 week. 
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Notes from the Chef:

Try slipping in some ground flaxseed and/or chia seeds for an extra healthy kick!

This recipe can be made with regular limes instead of key limes, although they will have a much stronger lime flavor if you use regular limes.

You can still make this recipe if you don’t have limes! Sub 2 Tbsp of lime juice for each lime. If just using lime juice then add 12 Tbsp in place of the 6 limes.

Key Lime Pie Pistachio Bites - Vegan - Plant-Based

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