Food, Inc.

Food Inc DocumentaryThe Food, Inc. documentary, like most, plays to the dramatics to capture attention and elicit change. Some parts are difficult to watch with videos of animal cruelty in the food production process. Whether you eat meat or not, this film increases awareness of the unfortunate truth behind our current food production industry.

Our food system has become industrialized to pump out enough food to feed the growing population on the cheap. While good in theory, there are many downfalls. Animals are treated as food products rather than living beings. Slaughterhouses are factories. Shown in this documentary are animals under severe distress right before butchering.

Plant production is also a victim of this industrialization. Mass production of corn and soybeans means these plants are turned into tons of processed foods. Unfortunately these cheap, shelf-stable, and readily available processed foods have tons of calories, but few nutrients. Aka – disease (not health) promoting. Yet these are the foods that are both convenient and cheap, making them an unfortunate staple for the average person.

This documentary will surely inspire you to cut down, if not cut out, meat. Hopefully it also inspires you to plant a garden (or at least a tomato plant or two), shop locally, and buy produce from farmers markets when possible. It will leave you reading food labels and paying more attention to where your food it coming from. Finally, you’ll likely walk away with an appetite for real food – whole and plant based!

You can watch Food, Inc. now on Netflix.

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